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GIO Lumistar Reflective Glitter **NEW**
GIO Lumistar Reflective Glitter **NEW**
GIO Lumistar Reflective Glitter **NEW**

GIO Lumistar Reflective Glitter **NEW**

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GIO-LUMISTAR is a heat transfer film made of thermoplastic polyurethane shortly known as TPU. It is harmless to human beings and has vantage of outstanding durability and flexibility among PU materials. LUMISTAR’s flawless finish touch even emphasizes its
glittery appearance further elevating the quality. Also grains of microprism material features amazing reflectivity when in touch with light sources.

TEMPERATURE:  150°C                                                                                                            TIME:  8 Seconds                                                                                                                      PRESSURE:  Medium                                                                                                                PEEL:  Cold                                                                                                                          COMPATIBLE FABRIC: Polyester, Polyester blends, Cotton

1. Cut mirrored design on hotmelt side.
2. Weed away excessive parts and place your design on the fabric.
3. Apply heat based on the conditions provided.

WASHING: Home washing at up to 60°C (recommend washing inside-out)
DRYING: Low tumble dry
BLEACHING: Not recommended
IRONING: Inside-out
STORAGE: Keep away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places